«I was Pro-Spec’s project manager for the assembly and installation of Terra Lumina in Toronto. I was managing more than twenty of their technicians. The project was delivered with great success. Pro-Spec is the only agency I love working with. They are warriors!»
Amélie Parent, Team lead

Moment Factory

«After nightfall at the Toronto Zoo this winter, you are invited to pursue an immersive experience along a 1.5 km walking path that travels into the future and back.»


In collaboration with Moment Factory, Pro-Spec contributed to the production of the night trail Terra Lumina. Our workforce was implicated in the process from preproduction in Montreal until the end of set-up, directly at the Zoo of Toronto. To do this, a team of 25 specialized technicians worked on location, in this unique setting, for over a month.

«When I think of Pro-Spec, the words that come to mind right away are: Collaboration, versatility and attention to detail. Thank you Pro-Spec!»
Hugo Hamel, Technical Production Director — Cirque du Soleil, 375 th of Monreal, Adisq

Cirque du Soleil

«Cirque du Soleil has redefined how the world views the circus; from small town talent to a household name.»


It was in 1996 that Pro-Spec and Cirque du Soleil collaborated for the first time, as part of the show Quidam. Since then, we have had the honour of being one of their main suppliers of specialized technicians. After more than 20 years of collaboration, we have been able to establish a solid bond of trust, presenting numerous successful shows such as Kooza (2007), Totem (2011), Amaluna (2012), Axel (2019) and even S.A.N.D, a private show presented in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia in 2018.

«Pro-Spec was able to answer all of our expectations, even the most specific ones, for the success of The Giants large-scale event.»
Julie Miron, Production manager

Montréal’s 375th anniversary

«For its 375th anniversary, Montréal wanted to unite its citizens around a grand common project in order to celebrate its history and shape its future.»


In 2017, the city of Montreal commissioned Pro-Spec for a technically trained team to ensure the success of the 375th festivities. This collaboration allowed us to reaffirm our position in the field of large scale public shows, and to work with over a hundred specialized technicians, to maintain a successful rollout of impressive large scale events that span several months.

«For the 2015 to 2017 editions of C2 Montreal, my schedules included between 80 and 100 technicians a day during the setup and takedown periods. By working with Pro-Spec, not only did I have all the necessary players, but the assurance that I had the best specialized labour for the day’s goals. Pro-Spec has an excellent team of coordinators that know how to surround themselves with serious and professional technicians and assign them projects while also having an excellent comprehension of the production process. It’s without hesitation that I recommend their services. Bravo and thank you!»
Sébastien Boulanger, President and Technical Director - IC EVENTS

C2 Montréal

«C2 Montréal is the most forward-thinking business event in the world. Discover a place where anything can happen.»


Since 2013, Pro-Spec is the official supplier of specialized technicians and site developers for C2 MTL, the immersive event where, every year, over 6500 decision-makers and creatives shape, live and reinvent the future of business. We have succeeded with gumption, year after year, to supply a superior workforce, covering all divisions. We have been able to place the necessary resources towards the execution of their large-scale ideas; our continued business is a testimony to the success of our collaboration.

«I really enjoyed working with the members of the technical teams provided by Pro-Spec. They are particularly friendly, hardworking and proactive. During PY1, we worked extremely hard and the team’s harmony was key to the success of this event. Thank you Pro-Spec for your personalized services.»
Michel Tremblay, Production Technical Director

Pyramide PY1

«PY1 is an innovative pyramid-shaped venue presenting unique entertainment experiences, seamlessly integrating art, music and technology.»


Lune Rouge, Guy Laliberté’s new initiative, assigned Pro-Spec to put in place their first major event: PY1, an innovative nomadic structure 30 feet high that can welcome over 1000 guests. Pro-Spec collaborated at this unique event and was in charge of site development as well as technical setup and takedown, first in Montreal, then in Arlington Texas. Combining 360° projections, kinetic art and atmospheric special effects, PY1 allowed our team to go above and beyond and take part in the future of entertainment.